A/E/C Marketing: How 3D technology elevates your game

In an industry where the work should speak for itself, visual communication is not just essential – it’s everything. For this very reason, imagery is the most crucial element of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Marketing. Visual communication showcases the skills that will ultimately attract clients, win projects and gain more work.

But most AEC firms still rely on photography to capture every detail and nuance of a project. These photos then usually form the core of AEC marketing. But while photography may be one of the most familiar forms of visual communication, in the era of virtual reality, it’s definitely not the best. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3D immersive experience is priceless.

So how can an AEC firm offer truly compelling imagery that captures every detail and showcases the firm’s skills? The answer is simple – digitization.

There are an almost endless number of reasons why the transformational power of digitization will benefit AEC Marketing, but here are our top reasons:

  • Engagement: Interactive 3D environments provide customers with a fully immersive experience. With the NavVis IndoorViewer solution, customers get a 360 degree panoramic view that showcases building interiors the way they were meant to be seen. Customers are able to virtually “walk through” the building: the instance includes an accurate floor plan that uses location based information to visually update what the customer sees as they navigate the scene. This valuable spatial information really contributes to the feeling that you are there – not just looking at a picture.

  • Detail: The NavVis M3 Trolley is comprised of three high-resolution lasers and six high-definition cameras that capture every detail of your space. Simply push the Trolley through your indoor space and every detail will be automatically captured. The images and scans are then transformed into a highly detailed virtual reality that visualizes every inch of your indoor space in our browser-based IndoorViewer software.

  • Feature Info: Our IndoorViewer can be easily customized and allows you to add detailed information to important objects or locations – without disrupting the view. The details will appear when customers click on points of interest as they explore the virtual interior. You can also provide an audio tour of your 3D interior.

  • Competitive Edge: The wow-factor of showcasing your work in virtual reality will really attract attention and set you apart from your competitors.

  • Complete Overview: Don’t just show potential customers the finished product. Show them exactly how the project progressed by mapping several times from start to finish.

  • Technology and Application Leadership: The NavVis indoor solution provides more than just marketing. It puts your AEC firm’s capability at the forefront of technological innovation. In addition to showing a stunning finished product, you can now document construction progress for your team and customers.

In short, NavVis technology creates a digital experience that brings AEC projects to life. Look at the picture below:

Now try out the 3D alternative. It requires no special software and works on any device, in any browser - it’s as easy to use as Google StreetView!

Just hit the play button and move around by clicking on the white dots in the 3D scene below:

Now picture your next project getting the same treatment.

Digitization will have a powerful impact on AEC Marketing – and NavVis can make sure you benefit. To find out more about how easy it is to transform your project, get in touch!