New NavVis Software Feature: Import and View Third Party Point Clouds

April 2017

New NavVis Software Feature: Import and View Third Party Point Clouds

NavVis, the global leader in indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces the release of a new software feature that allows users to import, merge and view third party point clouds with the NavVis IndoorViewer.

The NavVis IndoorViewer was originally developed to stream and display the building data captured by the NavVis M3 Indoor Mapping Trolley as interactive 3D panoramic images and extremely large point clouds. Along with being able to view, route and move through the 3D scenes, users can add detailed building information to corresponding locations as points of interest and use the point-to-point measurement tool. The IndoorViewer software is browser-based giving it both the advantage of being accessible from any device as well as that of being easy to share electronically as a link.

The point cloud importing feature was developed to meet a growing customer demand to access the advantages of IndoorViewer when working with datasets captured by third party scanning devices. With this new IndoorViewer feature, users can now upload external building datasets to access all of the standard IndoorViewer features and tools. The new point cloud importer offers a number of additional advantages, including allowing users to link indoor and outdoor scans and link recently captured NavVis data to historical datasets recorded by traditional scanning devices. Datasets can be uploaded to the IndoorViewer from any device and all standard formats are supported.

To try out this new feature, please get in touch or check out the demo instance below.

Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis, said:

“The NavVis IndoorViewer has transformed the way indoor digital data is viewed and used.
Viewing and modifying building models used to require a high level of skill and extensive training. Now anyone who needs to access and interact with building data can do so in just a few clicks, on any device.

The democratization of building models and information has been very well received by IndoorViewer users. We have subsequently had numerous requests for an importing function that would enable users to easily access building data captured by other scanning devices with the IndoorViewer. We are very pleased to have developed a product to meet this demand and look forward to enabling an even wider user base to access NavVis technology.”

Example demo of a combined indoor and outdoor point cloud:

Watch the demo video:

About NavVis:

NavVis develops cutting edge technology that fully digitizes indoor spaces and processes. Our innovative digital indoor platform is easy-to-use and intuitive to ensure the benefits of digitization are accessible to everyone. Three transformational technological innovations comprise our platform: The M3 Indoor Mapping Trolley, a highly-accurate and easy-to-use indoor mapping and scanning tool that facilitates data acquisition in even the most complex indoor spaces; the browser-based IndoorViewer software that brings this data to life by enabling users to access and interact with 3D building models and maps from any device; and the NavVis Indoor Navigation App, a pioneering smartphone application based on machine learning and computer vision that brings highly-accurate and intuitive navigation to indoor spaces, without the need for any additional infrastructure.

Every industry that uses, manages or builds indoor space benefits from digitization. NavVis technology is already increasing efficiency and reducing costs in building documentation, construction planning and monitoring, facility management, plant planning and logistics, transportation hubs, and multi-channel retailing.

NavVis technology is being used by a growing customer base around the world that includes Siemens, BMW, Allianz, SAP and Telekom.

Download the English press release here.

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