NavVis technology allows seamless 3D and photorealistic documentation

Constructing new buildings or conducting extensive renovations are always major projects with many uncertainties. From companies that lay the groundwork to design firms that polish the last interior detail, many different players are involved from start to finish. Therefore, comprehensive construction site management is key for fast and successful project progress. NavVis technology enables you to take construction site management to the next level.

NavVis Construction Use Case

Document your construction site

Regular mappings with our M3 Trolley provide you with a seamless progress history, creating reliable documentation at all times.

Enable online collaboration

Let your experts access and analyze a project remotely from anywhere in the world. Get all the details before even setting foot in a construction site.

Provide complete information

Supply contractors with detailed information for their assignments, including exact location and an exact 3D model of the work environment.

Key Features

  • Map up to 50,000m2 per day - photorealistic and highly accurate
  • Browser-based application, accessible anywhere and anytime, and including user rights management
  • Open file formats for export to CAD, MeshLab, etc.

Explore a construction site

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