Facility Management

Locate and control your assets and maintenance tasks in a virtual environment

Managing your facilities requires a lot of knowledge, time, and money. Field workers need to be delegated challenging tasks across vast indoor and outdoor spaces. Digitizing your indoor spaces helps cut costs and increase efficiency in your facility management workflows. NavVis technology is designed to digitize even the largest facilities at an unprecedented cost to quality ratio, with little training required.

NavVis Facility Management Use Case

Automate your inventory workflow

Facilitate remote stock-taking from anywhere in the world to reduce cost. Have an asset database? Link right to the respective object and always keep an eye on all your assets.

Optimize internal logistics

Allow external providers to deliver shipments and render services precisely where and when they are needed and reduce coordination costs.

Assign precise tickets

Create and assign maintenance tickets enriched with high-resolution imagery and exact location reference - for perfect preparation and flawless execution.

Key Features

  • Map up to 50,000m2 per day and have them online the next morning
  • Centimeter-accurate point cloud with exact location reference
  • Automated generation of navigation graphs for optimized routing

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