Create immersive online shopping experiences and extend your shop front online

Combining an online and offline presence is becoming more and more important for retailers. Presenting your complete store online enables you to expand and complement real-world retail space with a virtual shopping universe. Thus, you can inform and target customers about your products and increase sales by integrating virtual shop solutions. NavVis digitizes your retail space photo-realistically and then exports it to the web.

NavVis Retail Use Case

Expand your display windows

Conserve and enhance the design of your displays and make them available for an even larger audience. Use online A/B testing to improve offline spaces.

Provide location-based incentives

Target and incentivize your customers with special deals and discounts. Build your custom app and interface to provide the perfect shopping experience.

Integrate your virtual shop

Provide a natural shopping experience online and leverage the combination of perfect presentation and e-commerce to improve your funnel from awareness to purchase.

Key Features

  • Photorealistic, 3D virtual shop - created and exported to the web over night
  • Customer behavior analytics in your digital store for improved funnel conversion
  • Open standards for optimal integration with your existing online shop

Explore Mömax - a large German furniture store

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