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NavVis provides mobile laser scanning at unprecedented cost/quality ratio

Until recently, surveying buildings in order to generate BIM or CAD models has been a time-consuming task. With the NavVis M3 Trolley, the time to collect data can be reduced by 90% compared to an approach with terrestrial laser scanning. The Trolley creates precise, colored 5mm point clouds that can easily be loaded into your point cloud processing tool. High-resolution panoramic pictures help make the data modeling even more efficient.

Several NavVis Partners are already using NavVis technology to improve their surveying work.

Success story: NavVis Partner Looom scans 700,000 sqm

Learn more about how our Partner Looom is mapping 40 furniture retail stores, in total about 700,000 sqm, with the NavVis M3 Trolley:

Godofredo Geyer – Member of the Board at Looom:

“With NavVis we digitalize even the largest buildings in the shortest time. With the captured data we generate high-precision CAD and BIM models. We are thrilled about the enormous efficiency gains!“

Workflow from NavVis mapping to CAD & BIM models

You can create CAD and BIM models in four simple steps using your favourite software:

Capture data<br><br>

Capture data

Map buildings to generate measurement points with 3D laser scanners using LIDAR technology


High resolution pictures taken by cameras

Generate point cloud & panoramas

Generate point cloud & panoramas

Post-process data to receive colored 5mm point clouds in XYZ, PTS,LAS, and PLY format.


Stitched 720° panorama pictures

Process point cloud<br><br>

Process point cloud

Create 3D meshes in your favourite software:

  • Autodesk ReCap
  • PointCab
  • Cloud Compare
  • etc.
Create CAD &<br> BIM model

Create CAD &
BIM model

Import the point clouds/ meshes into your software to create 2D & 3D CAD or BIM models:

  • Autodesk AutoCad
  • Autodesk Revit
  • ArchiCAD
  • EliteCAD
  • etc.

NavVis data visualized

Watch two visualizations in point cloud software of 5mm colored point clouds recorded with NavVis M3 Trolley. Recording time for both spaces each less than 10 minutes.

Download and explore our point clouds

Provide us with some information about yourself to download exemplatory 5mm point clouds that were recorded with NavVis M3 Trolley. The demo point cloud is available in several formats, including LAS, PLY, PTS, and XYZ. For access to more demo data or more information on our products and services, get in touch with us now.

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