Innovative indoor surveying

Increase data capture without spending more time scanning

Fully comprehensive data capture

Increase the data captured but not the time spent on-site scanning with the NavVis M3 Trolley. Our cutting edge mobile indoor mapping device continuously captures data, including 5mm point clouds and panoramic images, as it's pushed through the room. 

Bring a new dimension to indoor surveying with browser-based access to building data. Our solution comes with the full suite of NavVis software, including the IndoorViewer. Our 3D visualization software lets you view and modify data as well as perform basic modeling. Share the data as a link - no downloads or plug-ins required.

Or use the data captured to create floorplans or 3D models in your existing software, such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, and EliteCAD.

Benefits of NavVis surveying:

– Fast data capture of large environments

– Referencing made easy with targets on the floor

– 5mm colored point clouds in ply, pts, xyz, txt and e57 formats

– Data can be used in any common software (AutoCAD, MicroStation) to create floor plans or models

– Allow your CAD modeling team to virtually walk through the building, making modelling easier

– Send a link to your customers, enabling them to measure remotely and attach information

– Upload point clouds from several different systems and send your customers with a single link

"Surveying large buildings used to be a time-consuming and costly task. Thanks to NavVis, we've reduced our surveying time and costs by 90%."

Godofredo Carlos Geyer, CEO at Innvea 3D Scanning & Mapping Solutions


Bring Your Space to Life

Several NavVis Partners are already using NavVis technology to bring the benefits of 3D scanning to their surveying work.

How It Works