The benefits of indoor digitization

In our first blog post we talked about how building owners can use NavVis technology to unlock the digital potential of the indoors. Our digital indoor platform makes this possible by bringing the transformational capabilities of (outdoor) digital maps and GPS to the indoors.

But the NavVis digital indoor platform is more than just an indoor mapping and navigation solution. NavVis technology converts entire indoor spaces into a virtual representation identical to the physical asset, known as a digital twin. This process is the first step in what we refer to as indoor digitization, and it is essential to accessing the digital value of indoor spaces. 

Indoor mapping and navigation

The most immediate benefit of indoor digitization is, of course, having access to digital maps and indoor navigation. But with a digital twin, the capabilities of a building can be extended far beyond routing and navigation. A digital twin provides access to every layer of building information and allows all indoor processes to be digitized. NavVis IndoorViewer software makes the digital twin available in any browser, on any device, as a photorealistic 3D model. The best part is that the NavVis IndoorViewer is incredibly easy to use and intuitive - if you’ve ever used Google StreetView, then you already know how to use it.

The NavVis IndoorViewer, however, provides access to a much greater level of detail and the functionality is tailored to the indoors. Users can, for example, click on a location or object in the building and remotely access detailed information. In an office, this means users not only get routing information to a cafeteria or meeting room but are also able to see the menu or how many seats are available. It means that when sending meeting invitations, a link can be generated with routing information to that meeting room that the receiver can view in any browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC. This is useful for visitors unfamiliar with the building where the meeting is being held but also for employees in large office complexes where finding new locations can be challenging, even after many years.

If you are interested in how this works in practice, get in touch and we’ll send you a case study on Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers. Telekom uses NavVis technology at one of its largest offices to not only provide employees and visitors with an indoor routing solution but also to fully digitize its office.

Digital building management and monitoring

Digitization captures everything, including all of the physical assets located in a building. The NavVis IndoorViewer provides building owners and operators with a virtual database of building assets that can be viewed remotely.

The routing option in the NavVis IndoorViewer is used to optimize indoor logistics, both for employees and external providers who can now deliver shipments and render services to a precise location. Building operators can even create and assign maintenance tickets with high-resolution imagery and exact location reference.

It’s not just service personnel who gain from having access to this information. Emergency responders also benefit from this highly detailed building information, as demonstrated by the NavVis Emergency Response Pilot Project. Initial tests showed that emergency response time decreased by up to 25% when Firefighters used the NavVis IndoorViewer on a tablet instead of 2D floorplans.

Immersive 3D experiences

The NavVis IndoorViewer transforms indoor spaces into interactive 3D scenes that can be viewed on any device, in any browser, without having to install anything. It delivers an unprecedented degree of access to indoor spaces that would previously not have been possible without being physically present.

Trade shows can have a lasting impact as virtual exhibits accessible from anywhere in the world. Online shopping can be done in an interactive 3D virtual shop that lets customers from anywhere in the world explore the store displays. Museums are digitally preserved and can be viewed and explored from anywhere.

Next week, we’ll go into more detail on this subject by explaining how digitization benefits AEC Marketing.

Get all the benefits of digitization with the NavVis digital indoor platform

There are many ways indoor digitization can benefit buildings – we’ve barely scratched the surface in this blog post - and there is a fast-growing demand for technologies that can unlock these benefits. NavVis is the only end-to-end solution that provides you with the foundation for indoor digitization, from mapping, to visualization and navigation. To find out how our technology can be customized for your digital building needs — get in touch now.