NavVis Virtual Exhibitions: Disruptive technology for trade shows

The rise of Amazon over the past two decades demonstrates how disruptive e-commerce has been to the retail industry. Amazon is now so ubiquitous, the online retail giant has surpassed even Walmart to become the most valuable retailer in the US. Retail is one of the best examples of an industry that has harnessed technological innovation – ecommerce enables customers to shop anywhere, at any time. But there are many other industries that could benefit from tapping into the accessibility advantages that technology offers. Trade shows in particular would benefit from breaking down geographic barriers and overcoming time limitations. In fact, these restrictions are magnified for trade shows because most exhibitions only last a few days.

In recent years, technology has become an important means of leveraging trade show appearances. Innovations such as interactive booths and social media engagement have really helped with pre-show marketing and attracting visitors during the show. Now technology can have another critical impact – increasing the longevity of what is usually a short appearance and making exhibitions available to significantly more visitors.

The technology that offers this disruptive potential for the trade show industry is indoor mapping and visualization. These innovations have the potential to increase both the geographic reach and longevity of exhibitions. NavVis has developed technology that makes it easy to take trade shows virtual: The NavVis M3 Trolley is a 3D scanner that captures indoor spaces, including exhibitions. Exhibitions are then made available on any browser using NavVis visualization software, known as the IndoorViewer. The NavVis IndoorViewer is visually similar to Google Street View, but has been customized for indoor spaces.

For trade shows, NavVis technology offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Geographic reach: anyone, from anywhere in the world, can visit the exhibition online
  • Longevity: once captured, trade show displays are available even after the event has ended, which will help generate recurring traffic
  • Routing: the IndoorViewer provides routing information and a search function that helps visitors find relevant booths and displays them on their mobile devices during the show
  • Networking: send the link to your virtual exhibition and provide routing information to your target audience. After the event, create a lasting impression by sending leads a link to your display
  • Additional information: you might not get to speak to everyone who stops by your booth but you can make sure they find out about your product. NavVis Virtual Exhibitions allow you to create interactive and content-driven platforms. This allows you to seek out new and innovative revenue streams, even after the event has ended
  • Analytics: once captured and connected, the virtual exhibition solution provides important insights, such as how many visitors viewed your display or downloaded additional information

Get in touch to find out how NavVis’s disruptive solution for trade shows can benefit your next event. If you would like to see how it looks, check out the following virtual exhibition: