Women in tech: FEMTEC develops new NavVis applications for factories


Daimler AG uses our mobile scanning system to get virtual access to factories scattered across the globe. In various companies the desktop access to virtual factories has already significantly increased efficiency during assembly line and factory adaptation processes, and also improved coordination among stakeholders from different teams and locations. Among our latest adopters of this technology is Daimler AG.

The innovative application of reality capture technology to improve production planning is, however, only the tip of the iceberg - Daimler is exploring all its options when it comes to production planning. The ambition to be at the forefront of manufacturing innovation is what led to the recent project with the FEMTEC program, a career-building platform for female students in IT, engineering and the natural sciences, built up by a network of the top technical universities in the German-speaking region, partner companies and research institutes.

As one of the main partner companies of the FEMTEC program, Daimler led this year’s Innovation Workshop on “Production Planning of the Future at Mercedes-Benz Cars in the Context of Industry 4.0”. Following months of interviews and factory visits to better understand current pain points of different stakeholders in production planning processes, the 30 talented STEM-students developed innovative solution ideas to extend the initial success of using NavVis technology in production planning processes.

The students recently presented the results of their projects and revealed a myriad of exciting potential applications for NavVis technology to improve production planning. From recruiting, to tendering and smart offices, the motivated students showed that NavVis can be used to solve a wide scope of factory-related problems.

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