Find out how NavVis M6 compares to a static scanner


Creating as-built documentation of buildings and facilities is a highly labor intensive process. Laser scanning has made it possible to capture the data but using static scanners is very time-consuming. Numerous scanning positions are required to ensure no details are missed, reducing the total square footage that can be captured per day.

Mobile laser scanning solutions promise faster, easier data capture. But in many cases, the data quality can’t compare- until now. We recently announced the launch of NavVis M6, a next-generation indoor mobile mapping system, which overcomes the data quality constraints of today’s mobile laser scanning technology.

Join our free webinar on August 16th, to see how NavVis M6 compares to a popular static scanner.

In this webinar, Evan McPhee (Head of North America) and Dr. Lorenz Lachauer (Head of AEC Solutions) will explain how:

  • NavVis M6 results & data quality compare to a popular static scanner
  • Mobile mapping technology speeds up data capture in larger environments for CAD and BIM modeling
  • Surveying and laser scanning professionals are using mobile mapping technology to expand their service offering & deliverables

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