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Hannah Szwarc Hannah Szwarc Hannah Szwarc specializes in providing NavVis customers with next-generation building information modeling and computer-aided design solutions.
Hannah Szwarc | August 2017

Promoting building accessibility through technology

Discovering how everything currently being done indoors can be done better digitally is one of the most exciting things about NavVis technology. And while many of the applications are still waiting to be discovered, there are a growing number of cases where NavVis technology is already making a meaningful difference.

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Hannah Szwarc | April 2017

NavVis tech makes it easy to use BIM for Facility Management

BIM (building information modeling) has become a buzzword in every industry that designs, constructs and operates buildings – and with good reason. I regularly speak to Facility Managers who agree that a highly detailed database of building assets would be incredibly valuable for operations and maintenance.

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