NavVis IndoorViewer turns point clouds into 3D buildings

Point Cloud Processing Status Quo

A point cloud is a set of of data points in some coordinate system. In the 3D coordinate system, these points are defined by a x,y and z coordinate and often are intended to represent the external surface of an object.

3D laser scanning devices such as static laser scanners and mobile mapping systems, take millions of measurements and collect information about the built environment.This information is then indexed into an electronic file, namely, the point cloud.

When laser surveys are done for huge buildings and industrial facilities, the captured data is massive. The process of creating actionable 3D models from these point clouds is extremely complex. Such huge files need high-end processors and complex software and often
times, expert knowledge since the conversion typically ends up requiring manual work.

The NavVis Approach

At NavVis we aim to challenge the status quo to empower any laser scanning professional with the most powerful and simple way to turn laser scan data into 3D building models, displayed as realistic 360° walkthroughs, point clouds and floor plans. That is why we launched NavVis Cloud, which is NavVis IndoorViewer offered as a SaaS solution.

Take a look inside our indoor spatial tech and watch our CTO Georg Schroth explain how NavVis Cloud transforms point clouds into fully immersive, web-based 3D buildings.


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