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Wed, Feb 7, '18 | NavVis | News

NavVis sets new standard in SLAM precision

NavVis, a global leader in mobile indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces new mapping software that significantly improves the accuracy of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology in indoor environments, such as long corridors. The software update will be available ...

Wed, Nov 1, '17 | NavVis | News

Clove Technologies brings NavVis tech to AEC in India

NavVis, the global leader in indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces a new partnership with Clove Technologies, empowering engineers across the world to build and operate intelligent infrastructure. Clove Technologies is now an official NavVis technology service provider, offering ...

Wed, Oct 5, '16 | NavVis | News

NavVis Opens First International Office in New York City

NavVis proudly announces the opening of its first international office in New York City. The office will be led by newly appointed Head of North America Evan McPhee. Evan holds a Harvard MBA and previously worked at Facebook and Bain. The team in New York is complemented by serial entrepreneur and ...