Workflow: Construction Monitoring

NavVis digital construction monitoring

Capture data Capture data

Capture data on a regular basis


The M6 captures measurement points and high resolution panoramic images, using laser scanners and LiDAR technology.

Remotely Monitor Construction Activity Remotely Monitor Construction Activity

Remotely Monitor
Construction Activity


Track progress and compliance with contracts and scheduled milestones. Ensure high quality workmanship and reduce the need for site visits.

Compare Mappings Compare Mappings



Track changes with and ensure adherence to plans. Keep a visual and spatial record of each stage of construction for investors and due diligence.

Simplify Project Management Simplify Project Management

Simplify Project


Improve construction efficiency and simplify management by publishing all data in a browser-based platform. Share data by sending a link.

“See the evolution of the building and track exactly what’s been built in – enabling you to look behind the walls even after completion”

-Hychem El Kasri, Managing Director, 4Indoor


Construction data

Construction Monitoring

Immersive panoramic images capture all visual details – remotely prepare operations, document conditions at handover or check cables, HVAC and piping after building completion.

Construction Monitoring

Powerful 3D engine: Easily visualize all kinds of third party point clouds or even CAD designs, maximizing benefits from otherwise disconnected drone scans or BIM geometries.

Construction Monitoring

Generate 3D point clouds of large buildings in record time, immediately compatible with any CAD software – conveniently generate BIM models or floorplans for existing structures.

Construction Monitoring

Centimeter-accurate measurements help not only with the planning of scaffolding or cabling, but also allow the validation of invoices and ensure that the furniture fits after completion.