Visual BIM

Digital Building Management

NavVis 3D visualization technology makes it easy to use and share building information models

A Digital Twin in your Browser

Overcome the biggest obstacle to BIM for Real Estate and Facility Management with easy to use building models. The NavVis IndoorViewer is intuitive, browser based software that lets anyone use building models. No need for software installation or technical expertise.

Streamline all your building processes by tagging information to an exact location in a 3D building model and then share the model as a web-based link. 

You can also make your existing systems more user-friendly by adding 3D visualization. Our open API also lets you integrate NavVis software into other systems, such as CMMS, CAFM and IWMS. 

Benefits of Digital Building Management

–  Directly use captured data and skip the modeling step

–  Browser-based access eliminates the need for CAD know-how

–  Collaborate with all stakeholders on up to date data

–  Realistic building models visualize every detail

NavVis is proud to be an SAP silver partner:

Watch Jürgen Mueller, Chief Innovation Officer at SAP present how the NavVis IndoorViewer can be integrated with other data management platforms to provide a powerful and immersive user experience for the real estate industry


View and Assess the
Current State

Get an overview of available equipment and furniture with the panoramic imagery; tag assets as Points of Interest (POIs) and enrich them with relevant information. Upload and attach related documents to the visual of each asset, such as maintenance reports or instruction manuals.

Optimize Building

Simplify maintenance reporting and reduce time on site. POI links can be sent to technicians to provide them with all relevant information so they can prepare before they get there. They can view documentation, take measurements, and plan the best route to the asset. 


A digital building model can support better project proposals by providing a comprehensive overview of the building and the ability to take measurements. The model can also easily connect and interface with the systems you already use, including CMMS, CAFM or IWMS, thanks to our open API.

Building Safety

Use NavVis Digital Building Management tech to calculate the quickest escape routes , tag the location of safety equipment and provide instructions on how to access it. Up-to-date  floorplans can be created more efficiently, including emergency planning documentation.