Update, customize and collaborate on floorplans

Bring your Building into the 21st Century

Today, almost every type of map has gone digital – except your building floorplans, which are still stuck in the dark ages. When you consider that buildings are among our most valuable assets, it’s quite astonishing that most information is usually only accessible through a static PDF floorplan. 

Advances in digital technology have now made it easy to take not just your floorplans but your entire building digital. The NavVis IndoorViewer is 3D building data visualization software that lets you access all your building information in your browser.

Digital floorplans can be accessed in your browser, customized and serve as platform for collaboration. You can even filter and search for the buiding information you need. 

It only takes one scan to update/capture the data needed to take your building digital, including the data need to easily create floorplans.

Benefits of Digital Floorplans:

– Share floorplans with one click by sending the IV instance

– Collaborate by adding POIs and additional information

– Customize the floorplan to your customers’ needs: Capture data once and create several difference floorplans (e.g. for moving, repair and maintenance, renovation, commercial leasing, emergency response)

– Upload different layers for different departments (e.g. sprinklers for the emergency department) 

– Access all the benefits of digital maps, including 3D visualization and point clouds 



Want to discover the benefits of digital floorplans for yourself? Click play and give it a try: