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Do you want to build cutting edge web applications and mobile apps based on infrastructure free indoor navigation and positioning technology?

If the answer is yes, you might be the perfect Solution Partner for NavVis. We want to work with innovators around the world who share our passion for bringing digital technology indoors.

Find out more about the benefits of joining the NavVis Ecosystem below:

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Build on top of 3D visualizations of indoor spaces – not just rendered models

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Create location based services with the Point of Interest concept   

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Integrate objects and assets in the real, physical space into other backend systems

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Leverage cutting-edge indoor navigation technology 

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Collaborate and innovate in our developer community

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Become a solution partner and monetize your app or solution


Endless possibilities

From creative digital agencies and disruptive startups to established software players, everyone can leverage and build on our platform in their own ways. Here are just a few of many examples.

Starter Kit

NavVis IndoorViewer API

IndoorViewer API

Getting started guide

API documentation

Sample code

Become a Partner 

Starter Kit

NavVis Positioning SDK

Navigation APP SDK

Getting started guide

SDK documentation

Sample code



How to become a NavVis solution partner

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