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The digital twin for factory planning

Keeping your daily 3D data up-to-date is a big challenge of any planner dependent on accurate representation of the current production environment, for valid planning results. The import of point clouds makes the reality accessible via the 3D scan. Also, the synchronization of the real view and virtual view helps matching the digital twin even more: NavVis viewpoints are duplicated in the IPO.Log planning environment. This enables a planning cycle in 3D and reality in contrast to the unidirectional planning workflows nowadays.  Additional tools like the BoxFinder employ pattern matching methods to keep the virtual twin in sync on a detailed level. The integration of the NavVis IndoorViewer enables you to get a complete overview of the production environment.



The integrated solution of NavVis IndoorViewer and IPO.Log's assembly planning creates the possibility to visualize the digital twin in the most up-to-date way which is essential for Industry 4.0 production environments.

By integrating the 3D point cloud data into the virtual planning environment the tedious matching between real world and virtual world in different tools is not necessary anymore.

The manual lookup of material numbers is performed automatically by the BoxFinder App which streamlines the planning workflow even more. Verification is easily possible with the viewpoint synchronization feature in the NavVis IndoorViewer connection.

The integration of IPO.Log and NavVis is an enabler for consistent planning cycles for Industry 4.0 factories.


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Industrial and manufacturing environments are never built as planned. Over time the discrepancy between plan data and reality continues to increase, resulting in unreliable factory documentation. NavVis enables assembly, logistics and factory planners to regularly capture precise factory information, inspect production facilities remotely and implement improvements faster.