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Looking behind the plaster

ivTimeline is a web application to display several NavVis-model entities of the same real object synchronized together in one browser window. The entities to be displayed can either be layered on top of each other and scrolled through or placed next to each other on a sufficiently large screen.

Movements of a virtual visitor in any of the loaded model entities are synchronized with the other entities. For this purpose, the perspectives in each of the other entities are set in a way that location and viewing direction of the virtual observers of the entities coincide between each other as far as possible.


Synchronized model entities

With recordings of a real object from different phases of its life cycle ivTimeline can visualize among other things

- Construction progress,
- Installations under plaster or behind panelling,
- visible changes over time.

Arrangement of model entities

For the best possible match to the image content, the loaded model entities can be displayed horizontally or vertically next to each other in the browser window or virtually layered. In the layered version, only the selected entitiy is displayed.

Maintaining Synchronization

The synchronization between all loaded model entities is maintained at any time, even for entities that are not currently displayed.

Maximum number of model entities

The number of model entities is limited only by the performance of the systems involved.

Get in touch below and arrange a demo session, please note:

- Currently available for selected beta customers in the DACH region
- Technical support is currently available in German but will be available in English soon
- Detailed offering and pricing on request


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Construction Monitoring

NavVis enables construction managers and building departments to gain more transparency by remotely inspecting, documenting, and sharing construction sites captured at specific project milestones.