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Join our next Online Training for NavVis IVION (free of charge)

June 6, 2023
13:00 CEST

Having a clear understanding of what your factory looks like in reality is key to being able to complete daily tasks properly. However, this quickly can become complicated since you often need to collaborate with colleagues from different departments, locations, and time zones, or even with external suppliers and customers.

This is not an issue with NavVis IVION Enterprise. Many of your production sites are already available via a web-browser – at anytime and from anywhere. It's a tool for everyone – with unlimited basic users and easily accessible via Single-Sign-On.

Key takeaways:

  • 3D Visualization: How to navigate around in the digital factory
  • Collaboration: How to work with other project stakeholders
  • Measurements: How to measure heights, distances, and areas
  • Point Cloud Export: How to export data in various formats for modeling and simulation purposes
  • How NavVis IVION helps you manage tasks such as:
    • Layout & factory planning
    • Machine installation & relocation
    • Machine modeling
    • Building construction & maintenance

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