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NavVis + IBKS + PointFuse : Pushing the boundaries of scan-to-BIM

7 February 2023

Join industry experts Spivey Lipsey of IBKS and Mike Deacon of PointFuse as they discuss how to deliver complex scan-to-BIM projects with exceptional turnaround times and results. Our speakers and NavVis in-house technical specialist Noah Eckhous will share valuable insights into innovative scan-to-BIM workflows that exceed customer expectations and drive business growth.

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Key takeaways:

  • The challenges of complex scan-to-BIM assignments and how to succeed
  • The opportunity to adopt low-entry-barrier technologies in perfecting innovative workflows
  • The tips and tricks for leveraging compatibility between survey-grade mobile mapping data and advanced modelling software
  • The way an optimised workflow can exceed expectations and generate value

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