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Evaluating the accuracy of a mobile mapping system indoors and outdoors

White paper
July 2021
NavVis VLX 2


Now you can assess the accuracy of the NavVis VLX 2nd generation mobile mapping system compared to a terrestrial laser scanner, covering both indoor and outdoor scenarios. For reality capture professionals to make an informed decision about deploying the right tools for their projects, this white paper is an essential resource.

What’s inside:

  • Benchmarks - Two industry-standard devices for accuracy are used to benchmark mobile scanning devices: a total station and a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).
  • Metrics - Reference data includes global cloud-to-cloud (TLS).
  • Two case studies - NavVis VLX 2 is put to the test in an indoor and an outdoor environment: a mid-size office and a façade with a height of 20m.
  • One modeling example - The speed and simplicity of mapping and modeling a large family house in LOD300 is demonstrated as proof of concept.

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