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Transforming the automotive industry with Reality Capture

White paper
May 2024

How the industrial metaverse is taking shape with 3D reality capture technology

The automotive industry is facing pressures to change like never before. With switching production to electric vehicles and reducing emissions across all operations, two of the considerable challenges. Pressures for change are coming not only from governments with new legislation, but also from increasingly environmentally conscious stakeholders.

This white paper will explore the vital need for reality capture technologies in creating virtual environments that can be used to speed up the upgrade of manufacturing facilities for EVs and battery production plants.

What's inside?

  • An overview of why automotive manufacturers need to shift strategies with the increase of EV production
  • The importance of digitalization to streamline operations
  • The role future-oriented technology such as digital twins and reality capture play
  • How NavVis technology can help transform and visualize entire production networks

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