A complete guide on using mobile mapping to create CAD & BIM as-built documentation

Mobile mapping has become the go-to solution for fast and efficient data capture. But can these devices offer the point cloud quality that is required for BIM models and CAD drawings? This resource will provide you with all the answers.


What’s inside:

  • Insights - Learn more about the current best practice for creating as-built documentation from data captured with mobile devices and how they can be used to optimize BIM and CAD workflows.
  • Assessment criteria - Find out exactly what needs to be considered when evaluating data quality for as-built documentation.
  • Evaluation of NavVis data - We evaluate our own data based on the criteria discussed to find out just how NavVis data stacks up.

Mobile mapping offers huge potential for quickly creating and updating as-built documentation. This guide will show you how NavVis technology can be used to significantly speed up and scale your 3D BIM model and 2D CAD drawing workflows

Dr. Lorenz Lachauer

Head of Solutions

NavVis seamlessly fits into existing workflows of third party solutions