The most accurate wearable mapping device on the market

In combination with NavVis IVION, NavVis VLX is the fastest way to get the most reliable spatial data for all stakeholders

What is NavVis VLX?

NavVis VLX is a wearable mobile 3D scanner or mapping system. Such 3D laser scanners capture data while you move through the environment. With state-of-the-art lidar scanning abilities and unparalleled SLAM technology, NavVis VLX is the fastest way to the most reliable spatial data.

NavVis VLX consists of two multi-layer LiDAR sensors and four cameras. It can capture an immersive 360-degree panoramic view of the site and between 1,000 – 4,500 sqm of survey-grade data in a single dataset – 10 times faster than a terrestrial laser scanner.

Check out the NavVis VLX vs. TLS comparison and download the sample data.

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10 times faster
NavVis's SLAM technology enables scanning up to 10 times faster than a terrestrial laser scanner, further unlocking the value of a hybrid workflow
accuracy of 5mm
NavVis VLX delivers a global accuracy of 5 mm* in a test environment of 500 sqm and provides survey-grade point cloud quality at scale

*All accuracy statements are 1 sigma. 

save hours
Save over 1.5 hours during a 500 sqm scan and increase your competitive edge by offering more services, faster, and at a lower price point
speed up operations
NavVis technology is designed to speed up operations by up to 10 times, reduce work time by up to 82% and cut project costs by up to 50%

What is NavVis IVION?

Together, NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION Core offer a complete reality capture solution for the built environment, making your digital assets accessible anywhere. Benefit from NavVis IVION Processing and take your processing workflows to the next level.

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Reality capture workflow

NavVis VLX and NavVis IVION provide an end-to-end reality capture solution for laser scanning, surveyors and engineers.
Manage your point clouds with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication.


Use NavVis VLX alongside any surveying device already in your inventory, whether it's a total station, GNSS rover, terrestrial laser scanner or an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Continue to operate as you normally would, but better.

How NavVis VLX features help you scale your business


Process, georegister and automatically align scan data from NavVis devices and other data sources with survey-grade accuracy.

Objects that move through the scan are automatically detected and removed during post-processing.

How NavVis IVION Processing brings point cloud processing to the next level

Collaborate and integrate

With NavVis IVION Core, point clouds and panoramic images are transformed into intelligent spaces accessible from any standard web browser.

Including crop and download functions for 3rd party software.

How NavVis IVION Core adds more value to buildings and asset

Download our data quality white paper comparing NavVis VLX to a terrestrial laser scanner, covering both indoor and outdoor scenarios

Here’s what our customers say

Oliver WuttkeCastle Rochsburg case study

"For surveying complex building structures, mobile laser scanning is perfect. Without NavVis VLX, documenting this building would have been much more expensive and tedious, if not completely impossible."

Read the full case study

Read case study

Andy BeardsleyDudley castle case study

"Even though the team snapped the data to every control point they could, they finished the capture of the 44.7 hectare area in only 2 days. Compare that to the 40 they budgeted for traditional survey."

Read the full case study

Read the case study

Neil WakemannGLWA project case study

"For a 20 million gallon tank, that’s probably half a million square feet of surface area. Each tank could have taken a team of 6 people up to three weeks. Using NavVis VLX and manual methods, a team of two could be in and out of a tank in only four days"

Read the full case study

Read case study

NavVis technology brings major improvements in efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality

up to 10x
faster in the field and in the office
up to 82%
labor time reduction
up to 50%
project cost reduction

NavVis technology brings major improvements in efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality

Up to

faster in the field and in the office
labor time reduction
project cost reduction

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“With NavVis VLX, we can race through different floor plates, building sizes, complexities. We’ve had a lot of success with it. We now have four NavVis VLX in operation, every day, 5 hours a day, producing around one to one and a half million sqft of as-built capture per week."

Adam-Fingret-col- Adam Fingret, CEO, Extreme Measures Inc.

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