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NavVis IVION Enterprise

Product brochure
January 2024
Accelerate time to market
Now factory planners and engineering departments can better understand, collaborate and make the right decisions, based on up-to-date site conditions they can trust.

Why NavVis IVION Enterprise?

Factory documentation is often inconsistent and only accessible to experts using specialist software. With NavVis IVION Enterprise, stakeholders can interact with realistic digital twins of their factories

  • Be at any site instantly and easily find information, saving time and reducing travel expenses
  • Enhanced industrial engineering productivity through collaboration between stakeholders, based on data that’s current and reliable
  • Directly access and download the relevant 3D scan data from within the browser to compare the as-is conditions with the plan


  • Conceptualize and discuss changes together with suppliers and customers within the virtual factory
  • Keep data up-to-date with a cost- effective, and efficient rescan workflow that processes, anonymizes, publishes, publishes and displays the best quality data

Empower key stakeholders to explore best practice scenarios, remotely engage suppliers, and reduce time to market.

Product features

Maps and custom floorplans

Give your customers an entirely new way to use and interact with floorplans. NavVis IVION Enterprise automatically generates an AI-based map to give an overview of the entire site. Upload custom maps that have been designed in photo editing software.

Multiple sites

Access all of your projects from one account. Easily switch between and search for sites from a central dashboard. Each site has a unique website address and user permissions giving you complete control over site usage. Enter the latitude and longitude or a custom spatial reference system for each site.

Crop and download point clouds

NavVis IVION Enterprise allows users to download sections of a point cloud in different file formats, so you can edit your point clouds and import them into other software programs. Make a selection in the point cloud with the 3D crop box to only download what you need.

Points of interest

NavVis IVION Enterprise features an easy to use, scalable content management system for adding geotagged information and media to 3D scans. Users can right-click anywhere on the screen to add and view this information as points of interest. The powerful search function makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

Single sign on (SSO)

Connect your already established user authentication system and user groups by easily mapping NavVis IVION Enterprise user groups via OpenID Connect.

Enterprise Cloud Security

GDPR compliant and secure cloud service, hosted on Amazon data centers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The platform uses encrypted file system and data connections as well as restricted access to your network via VPN access.

Extend with NavVis IVION Go

Take your digital twin with you to the shop floor with NavVis IVION Go for mobile devices. The app enables interaction with the data in a digital twin by providing access, the ability to add new content, and sharing directly from the shop floor.

Cross-site search

Simply search for information, such as points of interest, across all sites where you have access. Facilitate comprehensive best practice sharing by allowing your team to search for and view how their colleagues in other factories store and tag information.

Hide overlapping data

Rescan with confidence knowing that only the best quality data from overlapping datasets will be shown in NavVis IVION. Proprietary algorithms select data based on the date of the scan, the distance from the scanner and the density of the point cloud enabling you to focus on what needs to be scanned and not on the underlying datasets.

Data workflow management

Streamline operations by enabling users to work simultaneously within the same site. Data admins can seamlessly manage and update new data, while at the same time, end users can continue working using the most recently published version. This simplified workflow centralizes data management without disrupting end users.

Mark & Measure

360° immersive images are not just digital images. The pixels in these images are enriched by laser scans, which makes it possible to interact with scanned spaces as if you on site. Conveniently take, organize in folders, and share point-to-point measurements with Mark & Measure. Enhance your conceptual and layout planning capabilities by coloring, grouping, labeling, and displaying the names of your measurements.

Product details

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Automotive, Manufacturing, Process and Plant
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Extend with NavVis IVION Go

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