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NavVis VLX 3 point cloud data:
Water treatment facility

Point cloud data
May 2023

Download a sample of NavVis VLX 3 point cloud data in .e57 format.

About the project

NavVis customer LE34 is Denmark's largest provider of surveying and land management services. The NavVis team recently visited LE34 in Aarhus where NavVis VLX 3 was used to scan a water treatment facility. The data was processed in NavVis IVION Processing and subsequently used to generate BIM models.

Site details:

  • Size: 310 sqm
  • No. of rooms: 2
  • Scanning time: 12 minutes



NavVis optimizes your scan-to-BIM workflows

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Download the point cloud data

Download the point cloud sample data in .e57 format below