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Delivering Value with Reality Capture

Reality capture devices generate significant amounts of data, and the potential for incredible value for both laser scanning professionals and their clients. In this webinar, our panel of experts explore the various aspects of the reality capture process and the ways to unlock value at each step.


Key Takeaways

In this webinar, we'll guide you through the following topics:

  • How to deliver significant value to all stakeholders in large scale projects
  • How to improve the accessibility of deliverables
  • Future areas for added value




Dennis I. Hirota, PhD, PE, LPLS
President | Sam O. Hirota, Inc.

A graduate of Punahou School, Hirota earned a BS, MS, PhD in civil engineering from the University of Michigan. He is a licensed civil engineer, land surveyor and land court surveyor.
After graduation, Hirota served as an environmental research engineer at the USAF Weapons Lab at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, earning the rank of Captain. Returning to Hawai‘i in 1971 to join the consulting engineering firm founded by his father, Sam O. Hirota, he currently serves as the president of the 57-year-old civil engineering, surveying and imaging consulting company.
Always interested in education, he has served as a Regent for the University of Hawaii, Regent for the development of the UH Cancer Research Center and Thirty Meter Telescope and is a member of the UH Manoa’ College of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council and Department of Civil Engineering/private sector liaison committee.
He has spent the last 15 years working with European companies to bring laser scanning and spherical imaging technologies to Hawai‘i.
The firm is currently using NavVis M6 and VLX sensors.


F. Scott Reed
Founder and Principal | Prologue

Inspired by the practical applications and advances in 3D scanning technology, Prologue was founded in 2014 with a vision of creating a better way to document existing conditions for construction, engineering and design professionals. As one of the founders of Prologue, Scott’s knowledge and industry expertise has enabled Prologue to provide fast, accurate and reliable deliverables. Scott is strategically focused on leveraging new and existing technologies to make his client’s jobs easier and more efficient. He is committed to excellence with a passion for seeking solutions and bringing a creative spark to a practical situation. Scott studied at the Mercer School of Engineering and holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Lorenz Lachauer
Head of Solutions | NavVis

Lorenz Lachauer is the Head of Solutions at NavVis. As such, he is leading a team of industry experts focusing on the verticals Surveying & Mapping, AEC, and Manufacturing. Before joining NavVis Lorenz worked at Nemetschek Allplan as leading product manager for their CAD/BIM software. Lorenz studied Architecture and holds a PhD from ETH Zurich.


Sven van Duffelen
Partner Manager | NavVis

Passionate about technology and how it can improve the way we understand and interact with the community and the environment. Sven facilitates the adoption of technology as an enabler of change to improve the way we design, build, inhabit and maintain our infrastructure. He strives to empower businesses to adopt innovative solutions to improve their processes and by doing so, escalate their capabilities to deliver more, for less. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sven grew up in a family of surveyors with his father owning a large land and engineering survey company conducting large infrastructure projects across the African continent which included large scale mobile mapping projects.