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Advancing Topographic Surveys:
The Role of Wearable Mobile Mapping

April 25, 2024
11 AM PT

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Denn Engineers, a top US surveying firm, tested NavVis technology against traditional survey methods in a complex urban area. The goal was to evaluate the speed, completeness, and accuracy of the data acquisition and processing using NavVis technology.

Traditional surveying methods can be challenging, hazardous, or time-consuming, especially in complex urban environments. Here, SLAM-based laser scanning steps in to provide a more comprehensive, safer, and efficient alternative without compromising the accuracy of the final deliverables.

For NavVis VLX to succeed, its workflow must improve on traditional detail survey methods and produce comparable results - and in this webinar, our hosts will walk you through just that.

Save your spot today and join Noah Eckhous and Mike Walle as they discuss what improved topographic workflows mean for their businesses.

Key takeaways:

    • Learn how Denn Engineers quickly scanned the entire site despite obstacles like traffic and poor weather conditions, achieving in record time what traditional methods could only do for a tenth of the area.
    • Discover the methods to secure accurate linework coding for precise, automated feature extraction.
    • Find out how the results can be used for ADA compliance, civil design, and curb and surface analysis.

Join us to listen to industry experts discuss why wearable mobile mapping is more than just an innovation; it is necessary for accurate, efficient, and comprehensive spatial analysis in your next topographic survey.


Mike Walle

PLS per CA State Board and Licensing; Vice President, Principal Partner at Denn Engineers

Noah Eckhous

Senior Customer Success Manager, NavVis