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NavVis VLX 3 vs. TLS:
Round 2 - You be the judge

Point cloud data & video
May 2023

NavVis VLX 3 went head-to-head with an industry-standard TLS. Check out the results and download a sample of NavVis VLX 3 point cloud data in .e57 format.

NavVis VLX 3 is the new cornerstone of reality capture for a reason - want to find out why?

We've put the latest generation of NavVis VLX to the test against traditional terrestrial laser scanning and are letting you be the judge. It will meet your accuracy requirements and guarantees more comprehensive and complete capture of the scanned environment.

Watch the video to see how the two devices performed in a controlled environment - a complex indoor space with multiple occlusions. Go one step further and satisfy your curiosity by downloading & inspecting the point cloud data yourself.

For those of you considering your next choice of equipment, we strongly recommend you take a closer look at NavVis VLX 3, it’s got you covered - literally.

Available for download

  • NavVis VLX 3 point cloud
  • TLS point cloud

Download the test results

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