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Amazon Web Services

NavVis and AWS offer 3D virtualization solutions 

scale-up-1ScalableScalable AWS Storage solutions make it possible to NavVis to provide for swift, dependable access to the vast amounts of data needed for any digital factory project.

With NavVis IndoorViewer, point clouds are transformed into web-based, fully immersive 3D buildings. AWS Identity and Rights Management enables a role-based access model for the virtual building.


AWS SageMaker adds spatial intelligence to a predictive maintenance routine, or to enable object recognition during the scan and Digital Twin creation process.


Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

As part of our ongoing effort to bring technological innovation to the manufacturing industry, NavVis is participating in a new initiative from Volkswagen and Amazon Web Services. The newly launched Industrial Cloud marks a significant milestone in driving production and supply chain management into the digital age. Read on to find out what that means for you and your business.

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