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Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations partners with NavVis to boost digital transformation with virtual plants



Enabling the factory of the future

Professionals in global supply chain, engineering and operations can now digitalize their facilities with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Make decisions with confidence using reliable, detailed visualizations of your factories and production assets.

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An end-to-end digital factory solution

An up-to-date digital twin of your production facilities will revolutionize the effectiveness of your production planning and operations. Using a global scanning service to rapidly capture your entire production network, you can generate as-is documentation with speed and accuracy. Remote factory access now provides all stakeholders with the necessary information, through an easy-to-use web interface, to confidently make the right decisions at the right time. Our specialists will work with you and your team to develop a fully scalable, custom solution that can be implemented in manufacturing facilities around the world.

We work with you to determine how digital twin technology can best serve your team globally and locally.
Data capture
We arrange for our global network of certified mapping partners to scan your factories around the world.
We manage the setup & implementation of your digital factory solution. We train and enable your teams.
We provide support so that your teams have everything they need to continuously benefit from your digital factory solution.

BMW plants are digitalized with NavVis technology

The BMW Group relies on the support of the NavVis Digital Factory Solution to digitize its plants worldwide, making them fit for the automotive production factories of the future.

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  • Improved remote collaboration between central and plant roles enables quicker decision making in industrial change projects
  • The access to trusted as-is documentation raises engineering productivity and reduces late rework costs
  • Remote site visits with internal teams, external suppliers and contractors encourages collaboration while reducing travel expenses
  • The digitalization of paper-based shop floor processes using mobile devices brings major productivity benefits to operation and maintenance teams
Reduction of cost for late changes through reduced planning error
Greater efficiency through simplified best-practice sharing between different locations
Travel cost reduction for industrial engineers due to remotes site visits

You're only a few clicks away from having every factory at your fingertips

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Used by household names in manufacturing

Our trailblazing digital factory technology now benefits some of the biggest names in manufacturing

Leoš Č1
Leoš ČervenýVR & Digital Factory IT Lead
“Thanks to NavVis technology, every SKODA AUTO employee worldwide can collaborate and inspect the most up-to-date virtual representation of the production floor, reducing costs and time-to-market.”
Portrait_Andre Bongartz_360 Grad Scan
André BongartzProject Manager
Even while in home office, our factory planners are able to take measurements in production halls without being there or even pick up a measuring tape.



Peter KrauseSimulations Expert
Siemens EWA
“Since implementing COVID-19 physical distancing measures, the usage of our NavVis Digital Twin has increased roughly 300%. Many tasks in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), layout planning, and operations can be done remotely from home.”

Digital factory use cases

Global manufacturing operations
Equipment installation & relocation
Layout & production line changes
Best practice sharing
Intuitive visual interface

NavVis technology

Rapid data capture

Patented NavVis mobile mapping technology can capture production assets and factory buildings in a global manufacturing network with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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NavVis IVION Processing Enterprise

NavVis IVION Processing Enterprise allows you to securely and efficiently process point clouds and panoramic images, reducing the time and effort required to create actionable reality capture data. Optimize your processing workflows to ensure faster and more seamless performance, all while meeting the demanding security needs of manufacturing and automotive industries.

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Remote factory access

Now factory planners and engineering departments can better understand, collaborate and make the right decisions, based on actual site conditions they can trust. Empower key stakeholders to explore best practice scenarios, remotely engage suppliers, and reduce time to market.

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Data protection and compliance

To uphold rigorous standards of information security and data privacy, NavVis possesses both a TISAX label as a trusted service provider to the automotive industry and an ISO 27001 certification.


NavVis automotive resources


You're only a few clicks away from having every factory at your fingertips

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