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Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond

The NavVis Blog

NavVis4 min read

Monitoring buildings over time with continuous digital scanning

Mobile mapping technology ensures building owners and teams always have current data, despite changes from unforeseen circumstances, alterations or storms.
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Aptella8 min read

Gandy and Roberts improve design and build outcomes with 3D mapping

Gandy and Roberts recently deployed mobile mapping technology to improve its service offering through all stages of the construction lifecycle.
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NavVis2 min read

NavVis Integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud for Enhanced Project Efficiency

NavVis’s new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and drives project success.
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Chiara Melandri3 min read

Verification: Overcoming the BIM-possible | Scanning Realities Ep. 2

In the second episode of our new podcast series, we hear what world experts reveal about the challenges, benefits and future of verification.
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Sean Higgins5 min read

Five ways NavVis IVION takes your AEC mobile mapping to the next level

It's not all about the hardware!
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Sean Higgins4 min read

The rise of mobile mapping in AEC

Leading AEC companies like Skanska and Ramboll Denmark have started to rely on mobile mapping for their most demanding projects.
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Jeff Voorheis5 min read

Can you measure floor flatness with NavVis VLX? We didn’t think so.

Voorheis & Voorheis surveyors push the limits of NavVis' mobile mapping system ...and come away very impressed.
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Christian Rust3 min read

Surveying an extension to Munich Airport during construction

As part of a terminal extension of Munich Airport, NavVis VLX was used to scan the area, and an as-built model was created for accurate site documentation.
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Rekha Jackson4 min read

Collaboration – what is holding the AEC industry back?

Don't let a lack of collaboration be a road blocker in your AEC project. In this article, we dive into how to enhance teamwork & transparency across ...
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Sean Higgins6 min read

What is mobile mapping actually worth to your construction clients?

Mobile mapping services are worth more to your construction clients than you think. Independent writer Sean Higgins examines this topic in greater detail.
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Kourtney Kirton4 min read

How as-built capture by AEC firm pb2 is powered by NavVis technology

Architecture and engineering firm pb2 is scanning more and more every month, thanks to the versatility of the NavVis VLX mobile mapping system.
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Bulent Yusuf4 min read

Using NavVis VLX on a construction site for as-built documentation

Deploying NavVis VLX at a construction site in Stuttgart, Germany, every AEC pro on the project is delighted by its versatility, robustness and accuracy.
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