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Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond

The NavVis Blog

NavVis5 min read

As-is and as-built modeling: The benefits of mobile scanning for construction

Digital tools enhance modeling capabilities in construction, with advances in mobile mapping enabling accurate digital representations of buildings.
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NavVis4 min read

Construction verification: Ensuring designs are followed correctly

Laser scanning tech is becoming a crucial component of the verification process in construction to ensure building specifications are delivered accurately.
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NavVis4 min read

How technology can improve collaboration in construction projects

Digital technologies are revolutionizing the construction industry by enabling global collaboration through mobile scanning and virtual environments.
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NavVis6 min read

Mobile mapping: Advancing the possibilities for building documentation

Traditional 2D building documentation shift to 3D with NavVis tech, offering accessible, updated, comprehensive spatial data anytime, anywhere.
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NavVis4 min read

Monitoring buildings over time with continuous digital scanning

Mobile mapping technology ensures building owners and teams always have current data, despite changes from unforeseen circumstances, alterations or storms.
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Aptella8 min read

Gandy and Roberts improve design and build outcomes with 3D mapping

Gandy and Roberts recently deployed mobile mapping technology to improve its service offering through all stages of the construction lifecycle.
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Gene Roe6 min read

Lidar News Insider Report: Interview with Evan McPhee

Meet Evan McPhee, CEO of the NavVis US subsidiary. Find out about his experience managing a high-tech business, how we foster a culture of creativity, and ...
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Gene Roe7 min read

Lidar News Insider Report: Interview with Noah Eckhous

Meet Noah Eckhous, Senior Customer Success Manager at NavVis. He tells us about his experience in managing customers, technical questions, and more.
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Gene Roe4 min read

Lidar News Insider Report: Interview with Vaishnavi Chukka

Meet Vaishnavi Chukka, Advanced Product Manager at NavVis, and learn about her and her team's approach to managing high-tech product development.
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Gene Roe3 min read

Lidar News Insider Report: Interview with Felix Reinshagen

Meet Felix Reinshagen, NavVis's CEO and Co-founder, who tells us about the NavVis approach to topics such as innovation, sustainability, and more.
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Chiara Melandri3 min read

Verification: Overcoming the BIM-possible | Scanning Realities Ep. 2

In the second episode of our new podcast series, we hear what world experts reveal about the challenges, benefits and future of verification.
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Gene Roe4 min read

Lidar News Insider Report: Interview with Leslie Rosa

Meet Leslie Rosa, a Business Development Specialist Squad Lead in the USA, who is on a strong growth path at NavVis and encourages more young people to ...
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