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Scanning Realities

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Process industry

Optimize your operations with NavVis digital twin technology

Ensure regulatory compliance, enhance safety, streamline inspection workflows, minimize downtime, and optimize capital projects with leading laser scanning and collaborative planning solutions.

Effortlessly enhance process industry operations and ROI with the turnkey NavVis digital twin solution


The process industry faces challenges in regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and safety management. NavVis digital twin technology, together with the enterprise-level reality capture services provided by NavVis IVION Enterprise, offers a powerful solution through the combination of accurate, up-to-date spatial data and ease of access and collaboration. Accessible via web browser or mobile devices, your digital twin will allow you to:

  • Ensure compliance: Maintain accurate piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and meet regulatory requirements
  • Streamline inspection workflows: Efficiently manage and maintain inspection processes
  • Minimize downtime: Reduce downtime during turnarounds with precise planning
  • Improve planning: Enhance planning and management with complete, accurate and detailed data
  • Optimize capital projects: Support scanning of capital projects in the front-end loading (FEL) planning phases with rapid data capture

Partnering with industry leaders like AVEVA, NavVis breaks down silos between tools and teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and data access for everyone in your organization.

An end-to-end digital twin solution

An up-to-date digital twin of your production facilities will revolutionize the effectiveness of your production planning and operations. Using a global scanning service to rapidly capture your entire production network, you can generate as-is documentation with speed and accuracy. Remote access with NavVis IVION Enterprise now provides all stakeholders with the necessary information, through an easy-to-use web interface, to confidently make the right decisions at the right time. Our specialists will work with you and your team to develop a fully scalable, custom solution that can be implemented in process facilities around the world.


We work with you to determine how digital twin technology can best serve your team globally and locally.

Reality capture

We manage the initial reality capturing of your facilities around the world.


We implement your digital twin SaaS solution, and train and enable your teams.


We continuously support and enable your teams to drive usage of the digital twin solution and secure return on invest.


We ensure your digital twin data stays up to date, all around the world.

Use cases

Regulatory verification

Ensuring compliance with strict regulations and safety standards is critical in the process industry. Maintaining up-to-date documentation for inspections and audits is a complex and ongoing task. NavVis provides accurate digital representations of plants for every stakeholder accessible from a standard web browser, making regulatory compliance easier to manage.

Digital points of interest (POIs) and virtual tours enable remote inspections and pre-audits, ensuring that compliance requirements are consistently met and reducing the time and effort required for on-site inspections.




Plant maintenance

Conducting regular maintenance while minimizing disruption and ensuring compliance with safety, hygiene, and environmental standards is essential for operational efficiency. NavVis digital twins include all critical infrastructure and equipment, helping maintenance teams to plan and execute tasks more efficiently. High-quality point clouds provide accurate sizing and fit data, allowing companies to capture existing equipment measurements with laser scanners and determine if replacement parts will fit correctly. Up-to-date digital records ensure thorough inspections, prevent contamination, and support continuous production. Additionally, detailed point clouds help manage emissions and waste for environmental compliance. For future plant expansions, accurate models enable precise planning of new designs and speed up development schedules, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Planning and relocation

Relocating machinery and equipment in a highly regulated environment requires careful consideration of safety zones and explosion-proof areas, as well as accurate planning to avoid costly mistakes. NavVis technology offers virtual visualization and virtual walkdowns to maintain accurate P&ID's, enabling planners to create a comprehensive digital twin of the facility. This allows for precise equipment placement, identification of cost-saving opportunities in Ex zones, and efficient relocation planning by visualizing critical safety zones and pathways.

Preparing audits

Preparing for audits in the process industry involves ensuring compliance with numerous regulations, maintaining up-to-date documentation, and coordinating inspections across departments. NavVis streamlines the audit preparation process by capturing high-quality point clouds and creating detailed digital models of the facility. These digital twins allow for virtual tours, remote inspections, and accurate documentation, ensuring compliance and reducing the time and effort needed for audit readiness.

Process plant industry page regulatory verification
Turnaround management

Managing planned shutdowns for maintenance, upgrades, and inspections is complex, requiring meticulous planning to minimize downtime and associated costs. NavVis enhances turnaround management with accurate digital models that enable precise planning and visualization of maintenance activities. Detailed digital twins help identify potential issues, optimize workflows, and coordinate tasks around safety zones, ensuring efficient execution and reduced downtime.

Immediate access to your digital twins, worldwide

33% Downtime reduction
20% Increased efficiency
80% Travel time reduction

Our integration

AVEVA Technology Partner

AVEVATM Point Cloud Manager takes NavVis point cloud data and panoramic images into the whole AVEVA portfolio where it can be accessed and contextualized with the rest of engineering and operations data for better, safer, more informed decisions among all stakeholders

“We are very excited to welcome NavVis as our partners in providing our digital twins. We see NavVis’ wearable mobile mapping hardware as a disruptive step forward in the laser scanning marketplace. Together, AVEVA Point Cloud Manager and NavVis technology represent a very rapid way of creating and updating the digital twin.”
Andy Davidson Product Manager for AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager

Our service offering

NavVis offers a streamlined quality assurance process and digital twin solution with comprehensive end-to-end responsibility. Benefit from lean and scalable process that delivers exceptional service seamlessly.

Scanning technology
Our unprecedented SLAM-based wearable laser scanning enables speedy capture and accurate data quality.
Professional project management
A global team of experienced project managers secure a smooth and efficient delivery.
Global partner network
Our network of global service partners ensure worldwide efficient and fast execution.
Prepared for lean rescanning
All data is geo-referenced. Permanent wall anchors and a lean software workflow allow for efficient data update.

Data protection and compliance

At NavVis, we prioritize security and privacy, ensuring robust safeguards for customer data. Our digital twin solutions use AWS for secure cloud hosting, offering granular access management and strong data encryption.

Regular penetration testing, adherence to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standards, and GDPR compliance underscore our commitment to data protection. Trust NavVis for reliable, compliant, and secure digital twin technology.

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