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Unlock the potential trapped in your business

Discover how you can reduce your project time by up to 80% compared to standard industry solutions
Let us help you grow

Unlock the potential trapped in your business

Discover how you can reduce your project time by up to 80% compared to standard industry solutions

Let us help you grow


Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond


NavVis IVION Core

Add more value to buildings and assets

A reality capture platform for surveying, laser scanning, and AEC professionals. Manage your 3D scan data with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication. NavVis IVION Core makes mobile mapping workflows more efficient, speeds up model creation and delivery, and adds value to your data.

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Why NavVis IVION Core?

The need for high-end computers, specialist software and technical skills can limit reality capture data to select individuals. With NavVis IVION Core, point clouds and panoramic images are transformed into intelligent spaces which are accessible to every stakeholder from any standard web browser.

  • Efficiently process, register, publish, and deliver your scan data online
  • Inspect, plan and measure with a building visualization that's easy to navigate
  • Improve efficiency by giving your team and clients access to the full point cloud data from anywhere
  • Optimize scan-to-BIM workflows and boost verification efficiency
  • Go beyond modeling and offer your clients even more value with a new kind of deliverable that extends the use of 3D scan data

"NavVis IVION Core is a great tool that we use to provide our clients with a viewer, giving the end user the most efficient visuals to understand any building."

Eamon LynchEngineer & Project Manager, 360 Energy

A complete mobile mapping solution

Taken together, NavVis VLX, NavVis IVION Processing, and NavVis IVION Core offer a complete mobile mapping solution for the built environment. The NavVis VLX wearable mobile mapping system can scan with unprecedented speed and accuracy. NavVis IVION Processing allows you to process NavVis data at scale, while NavVis IVION Core makes your digital buildings accessible from everywhere.


Product features

Maps and custom floorplans

Give your customers an entirely new way to use and interact with floorplans. NavVis IVION Core automatically generates an AI-based map to give an overview of the entire site. Upload custom maps that have been designed in photo editing software.

Mark & Measure

360° immersive images are not just digital images. The pixels in these images are enriched by laser scans, which makes it possible to interact with scanned spaces as if you on site. Conveniently take, organize in folders, and share point-to-point measurements with Mark & Measure. Display exact coordinate information and take point and orthogonal measurements for further precision.

Crop and download point clouds

NavVis IVION Core allows users to download sections of a point cloud in different file formats, so you can edit your point clouds and import them into other software programs. Make a selection in the point cloud with the 3D crop box to only download what you need.

Align and register scans

Align and register of all your NavVis scans as well as scans from third party devices. This feature includes the ability to perform automatic cloud to cloud alignment.

Multiple sites

Access all of your projects from one account. Easily switch between and search for sites from a central dashboard. Each site has a unique website address and user permissions giving you complete control over site usage.

Quality control

Visually inspect point clouds using multiple 2D views and slices of the the 3D scene. These interactive views provide users with the ability to assess the quality of the point cloud and identify incorrect registrations.

Publish and share online

Using a web browser, NavVis IVION Core simplifies publishing and sharing scan data. Just send a link to publish and share scans or send a deep link to specific content or a location within the scan. No downloads, plug-ins or desktop software required.

Site coordinate system

Enter the latitude and longitude or a custom spatial reference system, allowing for survey-grade geo-registration of data. Selecting your own site coordinate system also ensures that your data is aligned to the exact location of your site, making it easier and faster to upload and download data.

All your scans in one place

Whether you're using static laser scanners, drones or NavVis VLX, you can upload and combine datasets in NavVis IVION Core and publish the scans as a link. For structured E57 files, you can automatically convert point clouds into immersive 360° images with full NavVis IVION Core functionality.

Points of interest

NavVis IVION Core features an easy to use, scalable content management system for adding geo-tagged information and media to 3D scans. Users can right-click anywhere on the screen to add and view this information as points of interest. The powerful search function makes it easy for users to find the information they need.

Swap old data with new

Thanks to the advanced data management capabilities within NavVis IVION Core, exchanging old, outdated data with new data has never been easier. This ensures users will always have access to the most up-to-date and reliable spatial data.

Data-Workflow-Management (1)
Data workflow management

Streamline operations by enabling users to work simultaneously within the same site. Data admins can seamlessly manage and update new data, while at the same time, end users can continue working using the most recently published version. This simplified workflow centralizes data management without disrupting end users.

Post-processing in the cloud

With NavVis IVION Processing you can process laser scan data captured by NavVis devices anywhere with an internet connection. Easily set up and start processing multiple datasets onsite, ready for when you’re back to the office.


NavVis IVION Core resources

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