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Unlock the potential trapped in your business

Discover how you can reduce your project time by up to 80% compared to standard industry solutions

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Scanning Realities

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NavVis IVION Core
Siobhan ReisingerApr 22, 20214 min read

Announcing NavVis IVION Core: Add more value to buildings and assets

Say hello to NavVis IVION Core, a reality capture platform for laser scanning and AEC professionals, making 3D scan management more effective than ever.

Here at NavVis, we like to iterate fast towards world-class results. Embracing change is how we evolve as a company, and how our products and services continue to improve. That’s why today we officially wave goodbye to NavVis IndoorViewer and say hello to NavVis IVION Core, an integral component of a new product family called NavVis IVION.

Designed for laser scanning and AEC professionals, NavVis IVION Core is a reality capture platform where you can manage your 3D scans with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication. NavVis IVION Core makes mobile mapping workflows more efficient, speeds up model creation and delivery, and adds value to your data.

With all the existing features of NavVis IndoorViewer, such as point cloud downloads and virtual measurements, NavVis IVION Core offers both a refreshed look together with new features and improvements.

“NavVis IVION Core represents the future of reality capture software,” says Lisa Cali, Head of Product Web and Cloud at NavVis. “We want to offer our users a next-generation platform that not only transforms their mobile mapping workflows but also extends them so that they can do more with their spatial data."

New features and improvements

NavVis IVION Core is much more than a new coat of paint. It brings with it a set of enhancements expressly designed to support laser scanning service providers, surveyors and AEC Companies.

These include multi-site functionality, updated user management, and site coordinate systems for survey-grade geo-registration of data.

  • Multiple sites, one space: The multi-site functionality means that users are now able to host multiple sites, including several buildings, in one instance. The new home screen displays a map view with markers showing the location of each site. It’s easy to navigate and provides the user with a very clear overview of each site or project across the globe. You can easily switch between sites from the central dashboard. Each site has a unique website address and user permissions giving you complete control over site usage.
  • Updated user management system: This improvement gives users more clarity and control over their projects. Admins can grant specific access and permissions for each site and get an overview of the permissions of each user. From an editor to a visitor, accessibility and permissions can now be set easily and viewed clearly from one instance.
  • Site coordinate system: Users can now enter the latitude and longitude or a custom spatial reference system, allowing for survey-grade geo-registration of data. Selecting your own site coordinate system also ensures that your data is aligned to the exact location of your site, making it easier and faster to upload and download data.

Glowing endorsements from our beta testers

In the months leading up to launch, NavVis invited a select group of existing customers from around the world to beta test NavVis IVION Core. Their feedback was universally positive, like this comment from TruePoint Laser Scanning, one of the top laser scanning firms in the United States:

"The new enhancements in NavVis IVION Core simplify management of data by allowing us to utilize multiple sites in one NavVis IVION instance,” says Aaron Hunt, Lead Technical Manager at TruePoint Laser Scanning.

“We’re able to minimize software costs by maximizing the usage of an individual instance,” he continues. “The multi-site feature together with the intuitive web interface makes new project setup fast and easy. And the updated user management in NavVis IVION Core means administrators have more security control; it greatly simplifies the process of providing access.”

Elsewhere, favorable feedback came from LE34, Denmark’s largest provider of surveying and land management services:

“The new features released with NavVis IVION Core means our customers who manage multiple sites are now able to easily access them all through one single portal that displays an overview of each site,” said Daniel Aaby Holt, Landinspektør at LE34.

“We've also found that site coordinate system feature in NavVis IVION has enabled us to be even more precise in the geographical placement of sites and scans."


Wrapping up

And so, join us in bidding a fond farewell to NavVis IndoorViewer (after many years of reliable service) and offer a warm welcome to NavVis IVION Core, released worldwide towards the end of April 2021. We’re excited to see what our customers will achieve with this landmark release.

Before we go, here's one more piece of feedback we had from Daniel at LE34 that we’d like to share.

"During the past year we have experienced an increased demand for what is now known as NavVis IVION Core,” he told us.

“We're able to provide our customers with a digital representation of their space allowing the customer to view, inspect and take measurements and this has proven to be extremely valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic as access to facilities and travels has been limited."

Please do reach out to us to book a demo or talk to an expert for more information about how NavVis IVION Core can benefit your business. We’d be delighted to tell you more.

Meanwhile, more details about the entire NavVis IVION family can be found in our official press release.


Siobhan Reisinger

Siobhan is a Marketing Program Manager at NavVis. In her multifaceted role, she works towards driving the commercial success of NavVis Products, never shying away from deep diving into complex topics.