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NavVis partners

Around the world, an ecosystem of partners is offering innovative services and solutions based on NavVis technology. We're working together to bring next-generation spatial intelligence to the built environment.

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mapping-partner-icon Mapping partners

Mapping partners own NavVis mobile mapping devices and are trusted providers of mapping services across the world, bringing a wealth of experience in surveying or 3D reality capture to each project. They are selected by NavVis from among its most experienced users.

solution-artner-icona Solution partners Solution partners use NavVis software products or APIs to develop and offer innovative services and solutions to customers. Their offerings typically include application development and system integration services, consulting services or standalone solutions for different use cases and industries.
reseller-partner-icon Authorised resellers Resellers are well-established and trusted companies specialising in survey equipment, hardware and software, for geospatial professionals. They bring NavVis Reality Capture Solution to all corners of the world and, with extensive understanding of local markets and customers, provide tailored advice and support.