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Vivian Pan 5 min read

NavVis won Haier's 2022 Best Channel Co-creation Cooperation Award

Find out more about NavVis's cooperation with Haier and the details of the Best Channel Co-creation Cooperation Award.
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Kourtney Kirton 4 min read

What’s changed since NavVis VLX was launched? The system software.

NavVis VLX launched in 2020, and since then, a lot has changed. Find out some of the major improvements we've made to our flagship laser scanning device!
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Position Partners 2 min read

Asset Survey Solutions uses NavVis VLX to reduce time spent in hazardous environment by 87.5%

Position Partners, NavVis Authorised Reseller in Australia, recently shared a blog post about using NavVis technology to reduce a scanning project from 4 ...
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Sean Higgins 8 min read

Software & the laser scanning industry: An interview with NavVis's CTO

NavVis CTO Georg Schroth on the "software eats hardware" revolution in the laser scanning & AEC industries and what's up next for NavVis.
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Monika Rech-Heider 5 min read

Audi: Smart Production with NavVis technology

In a pilot project, Audi is testing autonomous scanning based on NavVis technology. The robot dog Spot developed by Boston Dynamics serves as the carrier.
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NavVis 3 min read

NavVis & Magic Leap partner to enable enterprise-ready 3D mapping and digital twin solutions

NavVis and Magic Leap aim to deliver scalable localization and digital twin solutions in complex environments.
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