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Scanning Realities

Laser-focused insights into the current geospatial landscape and beyond

The NavVis Blog

Jeff Voorheis5 min read

Can you measure floor flatness with NavVis VLX? We didn’t think so.

Voorheis & Voorheis surveyors push the limits of NavVis' mobile mapping system ...and come away very impressed.
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NavVis3 min read

NavVis Digital Factory Solution is a key building block for the production of the future

BMW Group relies on the support of the NavVis Digital Factory Solution to digitalize its plants worldwide, making them fit for the automotive production ...
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Sean Higgins5 min read

What is lidar? How does it work?

Lidar has become a mainstream term - but what exactly does it mean and how does it work? Sean Higgins breaks it down in this post.
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John Russo4 min read

Industry standards for mobile mappers are only one piece of the puzzle

A call for more thorough testing of mobile mapping systems.
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Kourtney Kirton5 min read

NavVis's Exciting 2021 in Review

2021 has been an amazing year. Let's look back on some of our accomplishments!
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Stuart Nathan8 min read

What is spatial data, and how does it relate to digital twins?

Find out how Gartner, the Digital Twin Consortium, and NavVis define a digital twin, and how spatial data plays a crucial role across every definition.
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Stuart Nathan5 min read

3 important lessons manufacturers can learn from the gaming industry

A lively discussion between BMW, Epic Games, AWS, and NavVis about the gaming industry, and the best practices that can be applied to manufacturing today.
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Bulent Yusuf4 min read

How fast can you possibly scan with NavVis VLX?

The same question keeps coming up. How fast can you possibly scan with NavVis VLX? Here's the answer: 600 square meters in 6 minutes within 6 mm accuracy.
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Georg Schroth4 min read

Why robots are a big step towards autonomous reality capture

The roots of NavVis and mobile mapping lie in robotic and AI research, says NavVis CTO Georg Schroth. Autonomous reality capture is the next logical step.
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NavVis2 min read

NavVis VLX 2 brings more versatility to reality capture

NavVis announces the launch of NavVis VLX 2, a mobile mapping system optimized for indoor and outdoor reality capture workflows.
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Andrea Celi4 min read

Presenting NavVis IVION Enterprise and NavVis IVION Go

Introducing NavVis IVION Enterprise and NavVis IVION Go, two new technologies which deliver greater transparency to your global manufacturing network.
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Siobhan Reisinger4 min read

Announcing NavVis IVION Core: Add more value to buildings and assets

Say hello to NavVis IVION Core, a reality capture platform for laser scanning and AEC professionals, making 3D scan management more effective than ever.
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