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Beyond Boundaries:
NavVis VLX in the field

May 2024
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In this e-book, dive into the stories shared by the unsung heroes of NavVis – the Customer Success Managers who, armed with expertise and dedication, play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our customer’s projects around the globe.

Learn how NavVis technology is being used to overcome obstacles, enhance efficiency, and redefine project outcomes, from topographic surveys to industrial facility as-builts. The accounts shed light on the versatility and adaptability of NavVis VLX in a range of scenarios with diverse project requirements.

What's inside?

A compilation of firsthand accounts from project sites worldwide, as told by NavVis Customer Success Managers.

  • Demo: Multidisciplinary surveyor
  • Project: Topographic survey
  • Project: As-built documentation, oil & gas
  • Project: Capture and survey for renovation project
  • Demo: Civil engineering surveying firm
  • Project: Digital utility survey

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