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Environment: Process facility - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sample data
September 2023
NavVis VLX 3

Download a sample of NavVis VLX 3 point cloud data in .e57 format.

About the project

NavVis customer SMART - Asset Integration Solutions is an independent organisation that specialises in asset integrity, 3D laser scanning and inspection services. The NavVis team recently visited SMART AIS in the Netherlands where NavVis VLX 3 was used to scan a process facility, the RDM training plant, in Rotterdam. The data was subsequently processed in NavVis IVION Processing and the resulting .e57 point cloud was uploaded to NavVis IVION. From collaboration across project stakeholders to the generation of a digital twin using 3rd party software, the possibilities are endless!

With the launch of NavVis VLX 3 comes a whole new world of application possibilities, including scanning for topographic or detail surveys. Thanks to improved SLAM robustness and higher detail at range, more precise and comprehensive outdoor capture is possible. Surveyors can scan complex sites quickly and in great detail without losing any of the benefits of standard static scanning. And the best part - the cost savings from only having to visit the site once.

Site details:

  • Size: 1,608 sqm
  • Scanning time: 43 minutes


Smart AIS - navvis-logo-1920x1080


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