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NavVis Jul 1, 2017 2 min read

Engie partners with NavVis to fully digitize Facility Management

NavVis announces a new partnership with Engie, one of the leading international energy players and one of the biggest facility management service providers.

NavVis, the global leader in indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces a new partnership with Engie, one of the leading international energy players and one of the biggest facility management service providers in the world. Engie will now offer a comprehensive digitization solution using NavVis technology as part of its facility management services.

NavVis technology is an end-to-end digitization solution for the indoors. As a NavVis partner, Engie will provide 3D indoor mapping and scanning using the NavVis M3 Trolley. This will give Engie customers access to a digital 3D building model using the NavVis IndoorViewer. Similar to Google Street View, the NavVis IndoorViewer is an intuitive, browser based digital model that is available on any device. It requires no technical expertise, which overcomes one of the major hurdles to using digital building models and information for facility management and operations.

The efficiency gains won by indoor digitization are wide-ranging and benefit every process related to building operations. The NavVis IndoorViewer provides a complete digital overview of indoor spaces. This includes all physical objects, which can also be supplemented with additional details, resulting in a virtual database of building assets. Scanning with the M3 Trolley is fast and efficient and can therefore be performed on a regular basis to ensure that the building documentation remains up to date. This highly valuable building documentation is tamper proof and can be viewed on site or compared to historic scans to assess damage. The routing option in the NavVis IndoorViewer also optimizes internal logistics, both for employees and external providers who can deliver shipments and render services to a precise location. Building operators can even create and assign maintenance tickets with high-resolution imagery and exact location references.

Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis, said:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Engie. This partnership means that building owners will now have access to the most cutting edge digital indoor technology through Engie’s world class facility management service.

The benefits of digitizing buildings continue to gain recognition but there are still many barriers to accessing this promising technological innovation. The complexity, cost and high level of skill involved in using traditional building information models to increase operational efficiency have often prevented facility managers and building operators from applying this technology. The NavVis digital indoor platform is the first end-to-end digitization solution for indoor spaces that is fast, automated and, most importantly, incredibly easy to use. This means every industry can access the benefits of indoor digitization, and we are very pleased that Engie will be bringing these benefits to facility management.”

Stefan Schwan, Member of the Board of ENGIE Deutschland, said:

“The partnership with NavVis provides us with an excellent base for delivering innovative value-added services to our clients. The digital building data we generate through NavVis enables us to improve maintenance workflows, to enrich our portfolio with mapping services, and last but not least, to enhance our service quality significantly. We will be able to deliver previously unavailable data to our clients, and to deliver it fast, reliably and ready for implementation into third-party systems. This way, our clients can also create added value for themselves, for example by providing orientation guides in highly frequented facilities.”