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NavVisApr 25, 20182 min read

NavVis launches Autodesk Revit Add-in

NavVis announces a new add-in for Autodesk Revit that lets Revit users connect their BIM models to 360-degree immersive imagery and point clouds

NavVis, a global leader in reality capture, announces a new add-in for Autodesk Revit. The add-in lets Revit users connect their BIM models to 360-degree immersive imagery and point clouds captured by NavVis VLX mobile mapping system. This add-in simplifies the process of creating and updating outdated BIM models to reflect the current state of the building. 


NavVis technology is an all-in-one reality capture solution that has made it possible to quickly scan the current state of large industrial and commercial properties and stream the data on any device. The data is captured by the NavVis M6, an innovative mobile mapping system that can scan indoor environments at the speed of walking. The data is then visualized in the NavVis NavVis IVION, which is a browser-based software that streams the immersive panoramic images and point clouds.

With the Revit add-in, the NavVis NavVis IVION can now easily be integrated with Revit BIM models. Integrating Revit and NavVis IVION allow for a side-by-side comparison of the BIM model and the scanned state of the building, remotely from a desktop. This lets users quickly spot the changes that have been made since the model was created and the current state was captured, helping to speed up the process of updating BIM models. Integrating BIM and NavVis IVION also overcomes data silos and reduces planning errors that occur as a result of outdated information. 

Revit users who install the add-in will be able to access the added value of NavVis IVION, which includes adding and searching for information and mark-ups, taking measurements, route finding, and online collaboration with stakeholders.

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Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis, said:

“I am very excited to announce that NavVis users can now directly integrate Revit BIM models with our browser-based NavVis IVION. Connecting BIM and reality capture significantly reduces the time and cost of updating as-planned models to reflect the current state of the building. With this new add-in, we have been able to provide a seamless workflow between NavVis and Autodesk Revit.”

Gary Wyatt, Director of industry strategy for building design at Autodesk, said:

“Autodesk is pleased to partner with NavVis on their new Revit extension, connecting Revit to their innovative indoor mapping solution. NavVis facilitates interconnected workflows by enabling Revit customers to more easily create and maintain accurate BIM models of existing buildings.”

Autodesk Revit is available as a standalone product or as part of Autodesk’s AEC Collection.

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