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Point clouds tend to be limited to professionals working with floorplans and BIM models. NavVis IndoorViewer combines point clouds with highly detailed, immersive 360° images to create a digital twin that lets every building stakeholder explore and interact with scanned spaces exactly how they would do it in real life.

New use cases

Digital twins open up new use cases for 3D scanning and improve existing ones across industries, including manufacturing, construction, surveying, facility management and BIM modeling. IndoorViewer can be used on its own as a collaborative platform for viewing and sharing building information or it can be integrated into existing software platforms to bring a new dimension of spatial understanding.

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Whether you are scanning with NavVis M6 or using static laser scanners, delivering IndoorViewer to your clients lets you showcase scans in a way that every stakeholder can understand and interact with. NavVis IndoorViewer is fully compatible with scans from NavVis Indoor Mobile Mapping systems and structured E57 point cloud files.

Product details

Buildings in your browser

NavVis IndoorViewer elevates the impact of 3D laser scanning by making scan data usable for every building stakeholder. Users can explore scanned spaces as if on site by moving around and changing floors in a highly detailed, realistic digital twin. Find out what it’s like to be there:


The web-based NavVis IndoorViewer simplifies publishing and sharing scan data. Just send a link to publish and share scans or send a deep link to specific content or a location within the scan. No downloads, plug-ins or desktop software required.


NavVis IndoorViewer features an easy to use, scalable content management system for adding geo-tagged information and media to 3D scans. Users can right-click anywhere on the screen to add and view this information as points of interest. The powerful search function makes it easy for users to find the information they need.


Make scans intelligent with the NavVis IndoorViewer virtual routing tool. IndoorViewer uses artificial intelligence to extract routing information from scan data that is used to create a navigation graph. With this function, users can view and search for routing information to and from objects and locations. The detailed information is shown both in immersive 3D and on the map.

Take measurements

360° immersive images are not just digital images. The pixels in these images are enriched by laser scans, which makes it possible to interact with scanned spaces as if you are on site, including taking accurate point to point measurements.


Give your customers an entirely new way to use and interact with floorplans. NavVis IndoorViewer automatically generates an AI-based map to give an overview of the entire site. Upload custom maps that have been designed in photo editing software or upload point clouds that have been created using CAD software.


Whether you are using static laser scanners, drones or the NavVis M6, you can upload and combine datasets in NavVis IndoorViewer and publish the scans as a link. For structured E57 files, NavVis IndoorViewer automatically converts point clouds into immersive 360° images with full IndoorViewer functionality.


With NavVis IndoorViewer, you can choose how you want to experience 3D scans by easily switching between the 360° immersive image and point cloud views. Streaming point clouds on any device means you can view and share point cloud data without the need for downloads, plug-ins or software installations.


Bring a new dimension of spatial understanding to existing software by integrating NavVis IndoorViewer. The open API also makes it possible to develop custom NavVis IndoorViewer solutions for a range of applications such as augmented and virtual reality or IoT sensors.


How is NavVis technology being used?

Every industry that uses, manages or builds indoor space benefits from digital building information and models. Find out more about our innovative solutions below or get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

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