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NavVis + Autodesk Revit

BIM meets reality

The NavVis IVION Add-in for Autodesk Revit simplifies your as-built BIM workflow by connecting your Revit BIM models to realistic 3D visualizations of the current state of your project. ​

link-1 (3) Connect With just a few clicks, laser scan data can be turned into basic building models and displayed as 360° panoramas, point clouds and full-color floor plans.
left-right-traffic-data-transfer (1) Compare Realistic, digital buildings in your browser let you visually compare as-built with reality at your desktop​ when you connect your BIM model to NavVis IVION
network (3) Collaborate Publish and share NavVis IVION instances online to give your clients and project stakeholders an accessible, collaborative way to interact with point cloud data.

Take NavVis IVION Core for a test drive and see how digital buildings in your browser can benefit your business.