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Webinar on-demand

Hosted in December 2021

Improving CAD workflows with mobile mapping technology


Join senior developer Martin Graner of PointCab and expert surveyor Pascal Groothedde of Ingenieursbureau Groothedde for an engaging conversation about new CAD workflows powered by mobile mapping data. In this webinar, our guest panelists will share techniques, examples and insights into how mobile mapping can improve your design process and optimize your time-to-delivery.

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Key takeaways:

  • Discover how mobile mapping technology can streamline your CAD processes

  • Find out how to obtain high-coverage scan data to perfect your as-built documentation

  • Learn how easy it is to access and use mobile mapping data for detailed CAD drawings

  • Learn tips & tricks from the experts and improve your design turnaround time

  • Uncover what the future holds for as-built documentation with mobile mapping


Martin Graner Head of Support &
Senior Software Developer

Martin is a passionate Software Developer and Geodesist, always eager to work on the latest innovations and new, groundbreaking solutions. He started his professional career at PointCab as a student, while simultaneously working on his Master Thesis. Martin successfully took on various responsibilities at PointCab and is now Head of Support & Senior Software Developer.

Martin Graner Head of Support &
Senior Software Developer