NavVis builds on strong international partnerships

NavVis develops leading technology for digitizing the great indoors. The NavVis Trolley can map large buildings within only hours. The browser-based IndoorViewer allows for virtual walkthroughs from any device. The computer-vision based mobile app enables meter-accurate turn-by-turn navigation in buildings. NavVis Partners apply NavVis products in projects and complement them with value added applications and services. They turn the technology into real solutions for customers of all different industries. Together NavVis and its Partners develop a global market for indoor digitization.

NavVis Partners offer all sorts of services surrounding NavVis mapping technology from carrying out mappings over data hosting to repair and maintenance activities. In addition, they develop technical applications and services to adapt NavVis products to the peculiarities of different use cases. Thus, NavVis Partners add to a colorful and versatile global eco-system surrounding NavVis technology.