Introducing the NavVis Mapping Partner Program

If you've purchased either a NavVis M6 or NavVis M3 Indoor Mobile Mapping System and are integrating NavVis technology into your commercial laser scanning services, then we've got some exciting news to share.  

The NavVis Mapping Partner Program offers your company access to training and a variety of resources so you can build a flourishing business around our market-leading technology. We've got you covered from on-boarding to enablement, and beyond.




Benefits of the NavVis Mapping Partner Program

We're here to support you on every step of your journey. The Mapping Partner Program will enable you to grow your business successfully, become eligible for NavVis enterprise projects, and gain access to NavVis business development funds.

A range of benefits come with each partnership level you achieve. Our program offers three partner levels: Registered, Silver Certified, and Gold Certified. The levels are obtained through technical certification.

For full details of benefits and requirements, visit Mapping Partner Program Policy: Benefits & Requirements.

Partner Level rehistered_partner silver_partner-1 gold_partner-1
Starter Kit Training      
Access to NavVis Portal      
Partner Directory Listing      
NavVis Partner Badge      
Support Package S
(per Kit per year)
Participation in Pre-releases and Betas -    
Additional Support Hours - 10  20
Enterprise Project Referral
< 50.000 m2
Enterprise Project Referral
> 50.000 m2
- -  
Designated Pre-Sales Consultant - -  
Business Development Funds -    


How to become a certified Mapping Partner



This is how to become a certified Mapping Partner and gain access to the benefits:

  • Nominate 2–3 individuals within your company.
  • Pass the theoretical and practical parts of the technical certification.
  • The theoretical assessment is €200 per person.
  • We offer you the practical assessment free of charge.

The Mapping Partner level depends on passing the theoretical and practical assessments, and meeting the following requirements:


Mapping Partner Level



NavVis M6 IMMS 1 NavVis M6 or NavVis M3 1 2+
Technical Certified Individuals - 2+ 3+
Adhere to the NavVis Partner Marketing Guidelines      
Complete Annual Satisfaction Survey -    


All about the NavVis Mapping Masterclass

Our new NavVis Mapping Masterclass is an optional hands-on, trainer-led workshop to prepare you for the certification, and for the theoretical and practical assessments.

The training covers:

  • Advanced mapping theory.
  • Data processing settings and quality assurance methods.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • The exact knowledge needed for the assessments.

The cost for the two day masterclass is €990 per person, with 50% discount for additional participants from the same company.

Our goal is to enable you to deliver 3D digital buildings  more effectively  with  NavVis  hardware and software. Upon completion, you will see demonstrable improvements in the mapping quality and the efficiency of your projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out the form on this page in the "Sign Up" section, where you can specify whether to attend the Masterclass training or take part in the assessments only. 

I already have a certification from NavVis. Will I lose my current status?

With the official launch of the program, all existing partners that do not meet the new requirements for Silver Certified or Gold Certified, will be classified as a Registered Mapping Partner.


As a long-term NavVis partner you have exclusive early access to the program, plus an opportunity to be re-certified before the program goes live. To achieve the certified level, your company will need to have two or more NavVis Certified individuals (depending on the desired partner level).

What happens if I don't take part in the new certification?

You will remain classified as a Registered Mapping Partner. 

My company has a NavVis M3. Does my company qualify for certification ?

Only partners with a NavVis M6 IMMS qualify for certification.

The NavVis M6 features SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) with six degrees of freedom, height adjustment, time-synchronized sensors, and additional enhancements over the NavVis M3. This makes it more suitable for the most demanding of project requirements for our enterprise mapping projects.

If you are interested in upgrading to a NavVis M6 please contact your partner executive.

I only have one NavVis M6 device. Does this mean I will not be referred to projects larger than 50,000 sqm?

NavVis prioritizes the partners that meet all the criteria when referring them to enterprise projects. Silver partners with one NavVis M6 may also get referred to projects bigger than 50,000 m2. However, the priority referral is for partners who meet all the project criteria.

Why is NavVis setting the criteria of certification based on the number and type of devices?

Our goal is to deliver the best possible results to our enterprise customers, together with our partners. The results of the projects are very much dependent on the number and type of devices. The largest projects require a higher number of devices to be efficient, and the best possible quality of device. 

How long does it take to get certified?

The duration of the entire process depends on the partner and the timing of their next mapping project. 

How long is the certification valid?

The certification is valid for one year from the official launch of the program. Within the first year the partner will have to show their progress with NavVis technology to keep their certification level.

How much does the certification cost?

Taking part in the theoretical and practical exams is €200 per person.

The price for the NavVis Mapping Masterclass, a preparation course to learn the most efficient and highest quality mapping techniques, is €990 per person. You will receive a 50% discount if sending additional participants from the same company.

How many individuals can I get certified?

As many as you wish. 

What happens if one of my certified employees leaves the company?

You will need to certify another technical individual to keep your certification status. In this case, they should register for the NavVis Mapping Masterclass, or alternatively take the exam, to start the certification process.

Why do I need to sign the NavVis Partnership Agreement?

The NavVis Partner Program is intended for NavVis Partners. To enter into an official partnership with NavVis, and take part in the Partner Program, the Partnership Agreement is required to benefit both parties’ interest.

For more information about the NavVis Mapping Partner Program, the new certification process, levels and benefits please contact us at